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"Swedish drummer Martina Almgren declares that she wants to combine strong rhythms with expressive melodies. With her quartet of sensitive musicians, she achieves that goal in a bubbling lyrical mood. Yet even when the group pushes the intensity, the marriage of beat and melody are never far off."   /All About Jazz

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Owe Almgren - el. bass Martina Almgren - drums Björn Almgren - saxophone Tommy Kotter - piano

Martina Almgren is a drummer and composer located in Goteborg on the Swedish wets coast. Since 1998 she is also leader of her own jazz quartet, Martina Almgren Quartet. With four CD recordings and frequently touring MAQ has established as one of the most exciting and expressive live band at the Swedish jazz scene today.

The fourth album "Bingo" release in October 2005 and will be followed in November by a tour; "Pulsslagsturné" organized by Swedejazz. Three weeks with concerts from Malmö in the south part of Sweden to Piteå in the north.

"Rhythm, beat and swing have always fascinated me. Particular with expressive melodies. Growing up in the 70's with music of the likes of Stevie Wonder and Keith Jarret, I used to put my headphones on and play tambourine to their records. I really wanted to play the drums! Many of my tunes have started out as different rhythmical ideas. Then I've tinkered them, linked strands of melodies and harmonies together, until the piece felt finished. Getting together with my fellow musicians Björn, Tommy and Owe, however, is what really brings the music to life and sends it soaring - often enough to completely new directions"

Martina Almgren.





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